Neocon has signed agreements with the world’s leading shipping companies and our continuous cooperation with our partners enables us to position large quantities of containers in virtually any port in the world in the best conditions. These services are available for both our own fleet and for third-party fleets.

logistica de contenedores maritimos


The most efficient movement of shipping containers, the combination of leasing for loading and transport, means the equipment reaches its destination with fewer additional logistics costs; this allows us to offer containers on arrival at a price equivalent to the production line output cost.


When the destination is not suitable for a One Way agreement, or when faster logistics that do not allow subletting the container are required, or when the nature of the container itself does not allow it to be loaded as conventional and the same empty container must be transported, the cost of logistics service must be paid for. However, it can be greatly reduced thanks to the agreements we have reached through years of work and the volume of containers moved during this time.

For operations of a certain volume, Neocon a) provides flexibility and the advantages of a leasing service for using the equipment, b) the use of marine containers for several years through Long Term Leasing or c) facilitates purchase through the Lease Purchase Contract.

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