Containers constitute an extremely efficient solution to house industrial equipment inside.

In recent years there are many sectors that have opted to create their products adapted to the needs. The advantages that containers offer to industrial solutions are numerous:

  • Extreme mobility, allowing the team to move anywhere in the world.
  • Normalization in dimensions
  • Strength and Durability
  • Vandal Protection
  • Global Availability
  • Very tight prices

Examples of industrial projects adapted to our containers can be. The limit is in the imagination of the engineers.

The container is always an effective solution: inverters for photovoltaic fields, electric generators, water treatment plants, environmental control stations, ...

Any project regardless of size can be contemplated within this type of manufacturing from the custom manufacturing of individual units for specific industrial solutions to large production series such as the manufacture of standard generating sets.

contenedores industriales
contenedores industriales
contenedores industriales
contenedores industriales

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