contenedor maritimo 20-os-pw_mini

contenedor maritimo 20-os-pw_mini

Pallet Wide Containers have a special width, slightly greater than standard, but enough to allow optimisation of the space inside to load the largest possible number of European pallets.

Optionally, design of the interior can be optimized by placing a flat perimeter baseboard around the inside bottom contour, which helps handling during loading and unloading of pallets so they do not hit the undulations of the container sidewall.

They are optimised to load 5 more pallets than a conventional container.

We also offer SeaCell units that optimise loading of European pallets as well as the onboard space, occupying only the corresponding cell on the vessel.

They are available in 20, 40 and 45-foot lengths, as well as the conventional height of 2,591 mm or High-Cube height of 2,896 mm.

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